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The Midnight Garden Coffee Shop

MFA thesis exhibition. Temporary installation at Fisch Haus in Wichita, Kansas. 

Project statement: The Midnight Garden Coffee Shop is a place of continual night, with room to just be, to savor the moment before you know where you are or understand everything that is happening, to appreciate the magic of possibility that can be found in the commonplace. Even the most familiar things possess the unknown. All the plants here are handmade from paper and fabric and are meant to resemble transformed versions of everyday flora that grow in my local area of South Central Kansas, though they may be considered weeds, have fallen out of favor, or be invasive. During the exhibition visitors were invited to enjoy the free coffee served at the back of the gallery and spend as much time as you like in the garden.

Sound Design: Torin Anderson

Sign Painting: Hallie Linnebur

Photos by Jennifer Ray

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